CLEALITE - Metal Ultra Super Polish

CLEALITE is a polishing slurry that produces a mirror finish on all kinds of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

  • The 2340-type contains special additives that deliver a scratch-free surface with a roughness of 10nm (Rmax).
  • The S-type uses a silica slurry with special additives designed as a final polishing agent for metals.

The polishing method and conditions are the same for both types. The S-type provides a higher removal rate and a finer surface performance. 

Typical Physical Properties of CLEALITE

Product Physical Properties
Average Paritcle Size2 pH Specific Gravity
2340 15.0 10.0 1.210
S 72.0 8.8 1.200


Product Stats:


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